Karen Hardy:

Born in Auburn, WA, Karen attended Gov. John R Rogers High School in Puyallup, WA and Clark College in Vancouver, WA. She worked for Delta Airlines for nearly 20 years, traveling the world and living in multiple states. Karen founded Santa Fe Stables in 2008 and is currently Head Teamster at the Rocking K Ranch in Deer Park, WA. Karen and her two daughters celebrated their high-school graduations (2011 & 2013) with horseback trips across Ireland, and Europe. She lives in Valley, WA with her husband of thirteen years and their three dogs and eight horses.

 “Go outside, Karen!” was the piece of advice she heard most frequently as a child, and today Karen is a dedicated outdoorswoman with a love of wild and open spaces. “Keeping our public lands public and protecting our wild and scenic places is a cause near and dear to me,” says Karen. “I want my children to be able to return to these places with their grandchildren.

Policy Priorities:

Stabilize the WA healthcare market: 30% of our economy is tied to healthcare in one way or another. The current uncertainty in this market is already causing economic problems as well as access and affordability issues. We need a stable and predictable healthcare market so that our businesses can attract and retain qualified workers and our families can thrive. It’s time to stop waiting on the Federal Government and lead the way to a state-sponsored single-payer healthcare system.


Economic Development: Innovative partnerships, enhanced broadband connectivity, and public/private sector alliances that focus on green jobs will form the backbone of my plan to bring economic stability and security to our district. Fighting for and getting capital improvement projects to bring in good union and living wage jobs, improve our communities and make the 7th a more desirable place to live and work.


Education, and Opportunity: Trade schools, certificate programs and colleges are key gateways to brighter futures for our young people. In the rural portions of our district, we can’t attract new business investment unless we provide the needed services for families and workers, including quality Pre-K-12 education. We must abide by the McCleary ruling and fully fund the education of all children as guaranteed in our State Constitution. If elected, I will craft solutions to address the critical teacher shortage and reduce our dependence on levies.


Environmental protection and appropriate use of our vast amounts of public lands:

Supporting businesses that promote and protect our resources – not exploit and abuse them – is the key factor to providing healthy and sustainable growth in the 7th. Our future is tied to the health of our environment and sensible use of public lands.