THE ISSUE: Decades of under-funding have left our schools and our kids behind. Onerous State requirements and regulations have negatively impacted our ability to hire and retain teachers, particularly in rural areas. Perpetual School bonds and levies have created strife in our communities and inequity in our education system. Worst of all our graduates leave school unable to find employment without further education.

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THE ISSUE: The 7th LD is home to the Colville National Forest, The Little Pend Oreille State Forest and the Loomis State Forest along with thousands of acres of State and Federal Trust land managed by the DNR. The Columbia, the Pend Oreille and Okanogan rivers all flow through along with numerous smaller rivers, hundreds of lakes and four distinct mountain ranges. Protecting these wild and scenic areas has to be part of every decision made for and about the 7th.

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THE ISSUE: Rural Americans have suffered most under our broken health care system. The loss of providers and the increased premiums have disproportionately affected our district. Couple that with the fact that large sections of our district depend on or are employed in the health care industry and our median age of nearly 50, this single issue impacts everyone in our district.

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