The 7th LD is home to the Colville National Forest, The Little Pend Oreille State Forest and the Loomis State Forest along with thousands of acres of State and Federal Trust land managed by the DNR. The Columbia, the Pend Oreille and Okanogan rivers all flow through along with numerous smaller rivers, hundreds of lakes and four distinct mountain ranges. Protecting these wild and scenic areas has to be part of every decision made for and about the 7th.


Working closely with the Public Lands Commissioner and ensuring I have direct contact with all of the agencies tasked with protecting, promoting and utilizing the abundant natural resources within the district will help alleviate some of the inter-agency issues that currently exist. Working with private businesses, land owners, conservationist and environmental groups towards sustainable solutions and forward-looking development plans will help minimize the future need for costly cleanup and litigation. Ensuring that all legislation passed takes into account the impact it will have on both the resources and people of the 7th.