I know I’ve broken rule number one in politics: never mention your opponents name,. But the sight of a gigantic campaign sign in the window of a closed business on Main Street spoke volumes to me. Political differences aside, there are just some facts people can’t ignore. Our district is struggling, our Main Streets are lined with empty store fronts and no matter how many flags we fly or flowers we plant we can’t hide the decline and the despair. Ballots should be arriving in the next few days and we all have a choice. Do we continue down the path that’s led us here or do we change? Change is tough and rural people are by nature optimistic, we want to believe things will get better, next year’s crops will be better, the weather will be better soon, it’s our way of coping with all the things we can’t control. But this is something we can control. We don’t have to hope, we can actually vote for a change. Of course, there is no guarantee I’ll be better, that remains to be seen, but  my intention is to improve our district because it’s my home and my children live here. One thing I know is there is no reason to believe if we continue to vote for the same people things will be any different. Every district in the State is doing better than us. They all have the same Governor, legislature, laws and regulations and they have all managed to recover from the recession and flourish. Washington State is the number one state to do business in yet we are still 400 jobs below where we were in 2007. We can’t afford this any longer. We deserve better and this year we actually have the opportunity to do something about it. Please vote Karen Hardy this year and together we will change and set our district on a path towards growth and prosperity.

#7thdistrictstrong #timeforachange #standingtall