My Response to the NRA Endorsement Questionnaire

Keely Hopkins,
I sat down today to fill out my NRA questionnaire and I was struck with the difficult choices I am asked to make as a candidate. This should be pretty simple. I support the Second Amendment and the peoples right to bear arms. I was raised in a family where firearms were part of our lives. I have owned guns and have had a concealed weapons permit. I am a rural American with a deep connection to the land, hunting and a sustainable way of life. I should be the NRA poster candidate. And yet, I am finding it difficult to finish your questionnaire.
The fact that there isn’t a single mention of firearm safety, not a single question asking if I would support legislation to educate, protect or promote responsible ownership or actions. There is nothing about the responsibilities or the risks one assumes when they choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights, only leading, biased questions designed to put me in a category of “one of us” or “one of them”. And the kicker is the not so veiled threat that if I don’t comply and answer your questions ” you may be assigned a “?” rating, which can be interpreted by our membership as indifference, if not outright hostility, toward Second Amendment-related issues.” All while an incendiary ad, again pitting us against them, sponsored by the NRA is airing on the television.
So let me be clear. I did not seek nor do I want the NRA’s endorsement. Not because I don’t support the Second Amendment but because I don’t support you. The NRA is one of the oldest civil rights organization in this nation, yet you have been silent on the shooting death of Philando Castile. A citizen exercising his Second Amendment rights who was murdered in front of his family. Why aren’t you fighting for his civil rights? What about the civil rights of the children who accidentally shoot themselves each week because adults aren’t held responsible for keeping firearms away from children. What about the civil rights of the women who are shot every day in this country by abusive partners? I could go on but hopefully you understand. I don’t like bullies, I don’t like strong-arm politics, I won’t abide by an us vs them scenario and I am not afraid. When the NRA returns to the mission of civil rights, education and safety that I was raised with, I will be happy to fill out your questionnaire and seek your endorsement. Until then I will continue to support the citizens of Washington Second Amendment rights and promote education safety and personal responsibility when it comes to firearms.
Karen Hardy
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I’ve been asked to include the questionnaire. Here’s the link.…/2017-Washington-Candidate-…

Thanks for everyone’s interest in this post. I’m looking forward to working with an serving the great people of the 7th and all of Washington.